AmeriSus was formed nearly a decade ago with the aim of finding a way to create exciting new homes that could be super energy efficient, easy to build and affordable to own and operate. Today we are a leading provider of of homes with unmatched efficiency, value and price. Our customers are primarily small builders and adventurous do-it-yourself-ers creating fantastic homes in eighteen states.

Just because our pricing is low that does not mean our quality is low. A good amount of the money we save ends up being put back into each house with better materials and products than what is typically used by large production builders.  As a result, because of or volume purchasing, low overhead and customer service builders started coming to us for products we made available on our AmeriSus website.

This level of e-commerce grew to the point where it made sense, as well as making it easier, for us to set up a separate Plus website so that customer interaction and the overall selling process could be made easier and less expensive.

As stated elsewhere the Plus goal is to make the process Better, Faster and Cheaper.

Whether you are a regular customer or new to our approach feel free to send us your thoughts and ideas about how we can improve this website and our services to your business.