Let’s Keep This Simple

We do need your information for the few things we do.

If you are visiting our site we’re glad you stopped in to take a look. Unlike most everyone else we will not keep anything about your visit.

If you end up purchasing something on our website or end up making a purchase via a tel call with our staff we will need your name, address, where the items are to be shipped and the usual payment information associated with a bank, check, debit or credit card. Once your purchase has been delivered and there are no returns we no longer retain the associated information.

Our Social Impact Income Fund (SIIF) is handled a bit differently than product and material purchases because the dollar amounts are usually larger.  Participants in SIIF only provide their name, address, bank routing and account numbers. That SIIF data is maintained secure to the point of being unhackable. Even Edward Snowden couldn’t get at it.  Once a participant is done with SIIF participation we discard the limited data we have.

That’s It!